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Alex Sumner

I’ve lived in Teddington since the '90s, working full-time and bringing up my kids.  Then in 2004 I bought a neglected farmhouse in SW France and spent 10 years renovating and restoring, running a B&B business and cooking for families on holiday.  Living in France, shopping at small town markets and eating wonderful, locally produced food really made me think about the value of good ingredients.


Bread: it's the "staff of life" and an essential part of most people's daily diet. The better the ingredients, the better the loaf so my breads are made from organic flours supplied by Shipton Mills in Tetbury. The grain, ground at Shipton, produces stone-milled flours with a well deserved reputation among artisan bakers across the country.


I offer a small range of home made breads baked every week in my kitchen. Tasty sourdough, multi-seeded wholemeal, rye (lower in gluten than other breads but full of flavour), soda bread, staple of the Irish breakfast table, and not forgetting my own "Not Quite White". I also make Gluten Free breads.


Delivered by me to you, in Teddington on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Hampton on Saturday mornings. 


Follow me on Instagram: @wellbreadteddington












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